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John Straatman

(Bedrijfs-) Adviseur
Vakgebied: Management & support – project & overig
Functie: (Bedrijfs-) Adviseur
Locatie: Heel Nederland, Benelux, Europa, Buiten Europa
Tarief: €100 - €125
Beschikbaarheid: > 40 uur

Transformation ROI Bottom line Change
Niet beschikbaarLaatste check: 9 juni 2019
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Do you need a significant improvement to your P&L? Through a brief scan I provide you with a plan; my strength is effectively driving the improvements for you!

Translation of company strategy into practical ways of working for the organisation and implementation at departmental and functional level, bringing operational excellence, change management and business transformation, lean, continuous process improvement and supervisor training to organisations for over 30 years, I operate at the junction between process and people and my improved operating models deliver P&L results.

A pragmatic and results-driven global operational excellence and change management professional, I analyse organisations to highlight improvements to work processes, management practices and behaviours. I identify the monetary value of these improvements and design, organise and effect the programmes to achieve desired outcomes and make sure they link to your P&L. Change Management and Business Process Re-engineering projects are focused on an increase in sales, improvements in OEE, customer service, quality and cost reduction; improvement projects will typically provide annualised returns in excess of 3 to 1. I leave behind a culture of continuous improvement.

I have extensively worked in manufacturing, food and beverage production and packaging, mining, pharma, construction and utilities, garbage disposal and environmental services, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas both onshore and offshore, upstream, midstream and downstream; banking and insurance; in areas such as production, maintenance, purchasing, sales, finance and administration, bringing both step changes and continuous improvements; I am at ease at work floor and at board level.

An all-round change management and transformation professional, comfortable in environments with multiple cultures and extended geographical reach; fluent in Italian, English, Dutch, French, I have a working knowledge of German and Spanish.

Consultancy, Industrie en productie
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