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G.C.M. Colen

Project manager
Vakgebied: Management & support – project & overig
Functie: Project manager, Projectcoördinator
Locatie: Benelux, Duitsland
Tarief: €80 - €120
Beschikbaarheid: 36 - 40, > 40 uur

zelfstarter analytisch sterk sociaal en communicatief sterk oplossingsgericht
Niet beschikbaarLaatste check: 7 juni 2018
CV & Portfolio
Industrie en productie, Technische dienstverlening, Transport en Logistiek
Hoogst afgeronde opleidingsniveau
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Leidinggevende ervaringen
Strategisch, Tactisch, Operationeel
Aantal jaren werkervaring als zelfstandige
Ervaring als MT-lid
Software kennis
MS office (excell/word/powerpoint/visio/projects)
MS Projects
september 2017 - september 2017
2002-2012 Management Consultant/interim manager Supply Chain & Logistics
- Managed sales of agro-food systems company (Limbraco, Netherlands) - Technical assessment/business case analysis performed with respect to technology/capacity/ logistics and required investment (Howa-Germany, Fima-Portugal) - Production of refined edible oils optimized in Unilever Czech Republic operation. Plant debottlenecked; investment for going from 3 to 5 shift operation defined. Crude oils inbound logistics and refined oil outbound logistics optimized/redefined (multimodal) - European Edible Oil Logistics optimized for Unilever Supply Chain Company Switzerland by analysis of total supply- and delivery points, and transport lanes in Europe, modelling transport costs and assessment of existing transport management organisation. Proposal prepared for centrally managed purchase and logistics department. - Supply Chain Edible oil supply into Unilever Pratau optimized (minimizing out-of-stock, reducing total supply costs) by development and implementation of demand planning program. Transport changed from road truck to multimodal (train/truck) container transport. Containers treated as rolling stock. - To produce and sell private label market margarine in Europe for Clever Stolz, Germany, a strategic partner searched and found by the name of Remia, Netherlands. Together with these 2 partners a joint venture set-up and a marketing & sales organisation put in place. - For Clever Stolz, Germany, a marketing & sales plan prepared and executed. Necessary changes on inbound crude oil transport defined and contracted (bulk transport by barge and/or road tanker). The outbound logistics re-engineered, transport tendered and contracted. Purchasing of crude oils set-up including hedging and risk management system.
september 2016 - december 2016
Consultant Rentex Floron
Masterplan developed including required investment and operational savings by application of RFID and automation of manual activities
januari 2016 - september 2017
Project manager, Rentokil-Initial Benelux
Implementation of UHF-RFID in the Rentokil-Initial laundries (Alkmaar, Den Bosch and Lokeren), warehouse (Malle) and distribution (13 DC’s, approx. 470 service drivers) within the Benelux. Both technical realisation as operator training and change management
maart 2015 - december 2015
Project manager, Rentokil-Initial Benelux
Testing and evaluation of various options of UHF-RFID Application in industrial laundries including track and trace. Full track & trace concept developed for implementation in Benelux. In parallel business case prepared for one of the French Initial operations.
mei 2014 - maart 2015
Technical project manager, Drake & Farrell (Logistic service
Fully automated bottle sorting line, based on Vision Technology, with a capacity of 120.000 bottles/hr) developed, lean-design. Pre-engineering completed. Final quotations received. CAPEX 4 mio euro. D&F is negotiating service contract with Heineken, before implementation of proposed solution
maart 2014 - mei 2014
Consultant Rentokil-Initial, Belgium
International (NL/BE/Fr) productivity comparison performed. Productivity improvement scenario’s prepared and evaluated. Business case prepared for favourable scenario. CAPEX 3.5 mio euro.
juni 2012 - februari 2014
Project Leader Rentokil-Initial Benelux, Textile Division
Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of 3 new lean processing plants, within existing buildings (brown field) realised. Production volume transferred from 2 other plants, which were subsequently closed. Investment volume incl. restructuring costs amounted to 17.5 mio €. Production processes including QA-procedures (ISO-manual) adapted. Training of supervisors and operators on shop-floor conducted. Logistics department restructured to meet new demands.Project completed in-spec, on-time and within budget. Analysis and preparation proposal for stepwise optimisation of distribution (18.000 delivery points/wk)